Hi folks

Given a growing use of PRRTE plus OMPI’s announced plans to phase out ORTE in 
favor of PRRTE, it seems the time has come to begin generating formal releases 
of PRRTE. Accordingly, I have created a v3.0.0 release candidate for folks to 
(hopefully) test:


Note that the first number in the version triplet represents the PMIx level 
being supported - in this case, the release candidate supports PMIx v3 of the 
Standard. I know we haven’t yet released that formal document, but it is 
available in PR form and should be released fairly soon.

This release candidate actually includes support for some of the 
under-development PMIx v4 APIs. However, the version triplet is based on what 
we consider to be the “production” level of PRRTE, and the PMIx v4 support 
included in the current code is truly at the prototype level. Those who want to 
experiment with those interfaces are welcome to build this release against the 
PMIx master branch (which is at the cutting edge of PMIx v4 development) and 
work with them. Now that we have started formal releases, we’ll do a better job 
of branching early prior to introducing new APIs so we won’t have this mix 

Note that PRRTE contains _no_ embedded code. Thus, building it requires that 
you have libevent, hwloc, and some version of PMIx installed - if not in 
standard locations, you’ll need to use the configure arguments to point to 
them. Any version of PMIx that is at least v2.0 is supported - PRRTE does _not_ 
support the PMIx v1 series.

Please give this a whirl and post any comments/bugs to the github issues.

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