That is accurate. We expect to support OPA with the btl/ofi component. It 
should give much better performance than osc/pt2pt + mtl/ofi. What would be 
good for you to do on your end is verify everything works as expected and that 
the performance is on par for what you expect.


> On Apr 12, 2019, at 9:11 AM, Heinz, Michael William 
> <> wrote:
> Hey guys,
> So, I’ve watched the videos, dug through the release notes, and participated 
> in a few of the weekly meetings and I’m feeling a little more comfortable 
> about being a part of Open MPI - and I’m looking forward to it.
> But I find myself needing to look for some direction for my participation 
> over the next few months.
> First - a little background. Historically, I’ve been involved with IB/OPA 
> development for 17+ years now, but for the past decade or so I’ve been 
> entirely focused on fabric management rather than application-level stuff. 
> (Heck, if you ever wanted to complain about why OPA management datagrams are 
> different from IB MADs, feel free to point the finger at me, I’m happy to 
> explain why the new ones are better… ;-) ) However, it was only recently that 
> the FM team were given the additional responsibility for maintaining / 
> participating in our MPI efforts with very little opportunity for a transfer 
> of information with the prior team.
> So, while I’m looking forward to this new role I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed 
> - not least of which because I will be unavailable for about 8 weeks this 
> summer…
> In particular, I found an issue in our internal tracking systems that says 
> (and I may have mentioned this before…)
> OMPI v5.0.0 will remove osc/pt2pt component that is the only component that 
> MTLs use (PSM2 and OFI). OMPI v5.0.0 is planned to be released during summer 
> 2019 (no concrete dates).  
> The implications is 
> that none of the MTLs used for Omni-Path will support running one sided MPI 
> APIs (RMA).
> Is this still accurate? The current feature list says:
> If osc/rdma supports all possible scenarios (e.g., all BTLs support the RDMA 
> methods osc/rdma needs), this should allow us to remove osc/pt2pt (i.e., 100% 
> migrated to osc/rdma).
> If this is accurate, I’m going to need help from the other maintainers to 
> understand the reason this is being done, the scope of this effort and where 
> we need to focus our attention. To deal with the lack of coverage over the 
> summer, I’ve asked a co-worker, Brandon Yates to start sitting in on the 
> weekly meetings with me.
> Again, I’m looking forward to both the opportunity of working with an open 
> source team, and the chance to focus on the users of our software instead of 
> just the management of the fabric - I’m just struggling at the moment to get 
> a handle on this potential deadline.
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