Hey guys,

So, I've watched the videos, dug through the release notes, and participated in 
a few of the weekly meetings and I'm feeling a little more comfortable about 
being a part of Open MPI - and I'm looking forward to it.

But I find myself needing to look for some direction for my participation over 
the next few months.

First - a little background. Historically, I've been involved with IB/OPA 
development for 17+ years now, but for the past decade or so I've been entirely 
focused on fabric management rather than application-level stuff. (Heck, if you 
ever wanted to complain about why OPA management datagrams are different from 
IB MADs, feel free to point the finger at me, I'm happy to explain why the new 
ones are better... ;-) ) However, it was only recently that the FM team were 
given the additional responsibility for maintaining / participating in our MPI 
efforts with very little opportunity for a transfer of information with the 
prior team.

So, while I'm looking forward to this new role I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed - 
not least of which because I will be unavailable for about 8 weeks this 

In particular, I found an issue in our internal tracking systems that says (and 
I may have mentioned this before...)

OMPI v5.0.0 will remove osc/pt2pt component that is the only component that 
MTLs use (PSM2 and OFI). OMPI v5.0.0 is planned to be released during summer 
2019 (no concrete dates).  
https://github.com/open-mpi/ompi/wiki/5.0.x-FeatureList. The implications is 
that none of the MTLs used for Omni-Path will support running one sided MPI 

Is this still accurate? The current feature list says:

If osc/rdma supports all possible scenarios (e.g., all BTLs support the RDMA 
methods osc/rdma needs), this should allow us to remove osc/pt2pt (i.e., 100% 
migrated to osc/rdma).

If this is accurate, I'm going to need help from the other maintainers to 
understand the reason this is being done, the scope of this effort and where we 
need to focus our attention. To deal with the lack of coverage over the summer, 
I've asked a co-worker, Brandon Yates to start sitting in on the weekly 
meetings with me.

Again, I'm looking forward to both the opportunity of working with an open 
source team, and the chance to focus on the users of our software instead of 
just the management of the fabric - I'm just struggling at the moment to get a 
handle on this potential deadline.

Mike Heinz
Networking Fabric Software Engineer
Intel Corporation

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