On 31.07.19 22:12, Jeff Squyres (jsquyres) wrote:
> Just to make sure you're not dealing with anything left over from and old / 
> stale build:
> cd top-of-source-tree
> git clean -dfx
> ./autogen.pl |& tee auto.out
> ./configure ... |& tee config.out
> make V=1 -j 8 |& tee make.out
Thanks a lot. This completely fixed those build problems. I used 'git
clean -df' (without x) before and could have sworn I also tried a fresh
clone … well, obviously I hadn't.

Any suggestions for my question about a test suite for (Open)MPI that
also covers correct communication? It would be great to have some way to
check my setup “layer by layer”.

Regards, Jan
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