Open MPI v5.0.0rc6 is now available for testing at<>.

Please test and send feedback either via the user mailing lists or create an 
issue at<>.

Changelog from rc5 includes:

  *   The PRRTE submodule pointer has been updated to bring in the following 
        *   Fixed a bug where the deprecated option "--oversubscribe" for 
mpirun was not translated correctly to its new equivalent ("--map-by 
        *   Fixed a case where "--map-by ppr:x:oversubscribe" would not work 
correctly. In this case, ":oversubscribe" was effectively ignored.

  *   Fixed incorrect behavior with "MPI_Allreduce()" when using "MPI_MAX" with 
the "MPI_UNSIGNED_LONG" type. Thanks to Kendra Long for the report and their 
contribution to the fix.
  *   Various fixes to the "openmpi.spec" file to fix issues with rpm 
  *   Fixed a bug in one-sided UCX calls where not all in-flight messages would 
be flushed before cleanup.
  *   Build fixes - the following builds options with Open MPI were fixed:
     *   usNIC - ("configure --with-usnic=..")
     *   HCOLL - ("configure --with-hcoll=..")
     *   XPMEM - ("configure --with-xpmem=..").
        *   Thanks to Alex Margol for the fix.
  *   Various documentation improvements and updates.


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v5.0 Release Managers

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