Open MPI v5.0.0rc5 is now available for testing at<>.

Please test and send feedback either via the user mailing lists or create an 
issue at<>.

This rc includes the following changes/fixes:

- Various changes and cleanup to fix, and better support the static building of 
Open MPI.

- The PRRTE submodule pointer has been updated to bring in the following fixes:
    * Added silent single-dash to double-dash conversion to the mpirun/mpiexec 
       line. This promotes backwards compatibility with the v4.x series.
    * Fixed a bug where launch-failure messages from PRRTE would be printed 
- Changes to the BTL OFI component to better support the HPE SS11 network.
- Fixed a compile failure when building with UCC ("configure --with-ucc=...").
- Fixed several memory leaks in the UCX component.
- Fixed a bug where " --force" would fail.
- Fixed a large number of warnings when compiling on macOS.
- Fixed two dead links in "". Thanks to Lachlan Bell for finding and 

- Updated various documentation to rename "master" to "main" where relevant.


Thank you,

v5.0 Release Managers

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