Thank you very much for your description! Actually, I read this issue on

Is OpenMPI supporting RDMA? <>

If I have IB and I install and use UCX, does this guarantee that I am using
RDMA or still it does not guarantee?

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> Let me add a little more color to William's response.  The general theme
> is: it depends on what the underlying network provides.
> Some underlying networks natively support one-sided operations like PUT /
> WRITE and GET / READ (e.g., IB/RDMA, RoCE/RDMA, ... etc.).  Some don't
> (like TCP).
> Open MPI will adapt to use whatever transports the underlying network
> supports.
> Additionally, the determination of whether Open MPI uses a "two sided" or
> "one sided" type of network transport operation depends on a bunch of other
> factors.  The most efficient method to get a message from sender to receive
> may depend on issues such as the size of the message, the memory map of the
> message, the current network resource utilization, the specific MPI
> operation, ... etc.
> Also, be aware that "RDMA" commonly refers to InfiniBand-style one-sided
> operations.  So if you want to use "RDMA", you may need to use an
> NVIDIA-based network (e.g., IB or RoCE).  That's not the only type of
> network one-sided operations available, but it's common.
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> Hello Everyone,
> Sorry, MPI is quite new for me, in particular the implementation. If you
> don't mind, I have some very basic questions regarding the OMPI
> implementation.
> If I use one-sided MPI operations (Get, and Put) forcefully I use RDMA? –
> It depends, but it’s not guaranteed. For example, in Open MPI 4.0.x, there
> was the osc/pt2pt component that implemented osc operations using
> send/receive. Or for example, with calls to libfabric’s osc api, it depends
> on the implementation of the underlying provider.
> Is it possible to have one-sided without RDMA? - Yes
> In general, other types of MPI operations like Send/Receive or collective
> operations are implemented using RDMA or not necessarily? – Not
> necessarily. For example, using TCP won’t use RDMA. The underlying
> communication protocol could very well implement send/receive using RDMA
> though.
> How can I be sure that I am using RDMA for a specific operation? – I’m not
> sure there’s an easy way to do this, I think you have to have some
> understanding of what communication protocol you’re using and what that
> protocol is doing.
> Thank you very much in advance for your help!
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