As far as testing is concerned, we're testing all the time. We aren't just
testing right before or after a freeze :) . I get complaints in single
packages every once in a while and we submit bugzilla bugs to have packages
recompiled or upgraded. I've even gone upstream before if the ebuild needed
updated in portage. obs-studio is a perfect example of this. I requested
the 21.0.2 revision which fixed some audio glitches and tested just bumping
the build name/version of the ebuild which worked fine. when confirmed they
quickly updated the ebuild in portage and we now have 21.0.2 in entropy as
well :)

Right now, we're fairly stable. I wanted to perform a final test after
freeze to confirm there were no strange quirks that were missed that would
impact the OOTB experience for our users. we have 1 week (till end of day
saturday) to finish testing and stamp approval for release.

On Fri, Mar 9, 2018 at 5:36 PM Sławomir Nizio <>

> Hello,
> We've been talking on IRC and figured some pieces of information related
> to actions might be missing here.
> So,
> Has testing started?
> How is it going?
> Is it blocked by anything? Are you waiting for someone or something?
> Is there help needed with something?
> Let's have it straight where's the ball now. :)

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