> That's interesting, you might also be interested in taking a look at my
> (unfinished) Skeyer branch:
> https://code.launchpad.net/~michael-sheldon/ubuntu-keyboard/
> skeyer-prototype
> That uses saidinesh's libskeyer to provide auto-correction (and eventually
> swipe style input), this provides spatially aware corrections (i.e. it
> knows that 'b' is next to 'n' on an English keyboard so would suggest 'and'
> as a correction for 'abd' instead of Presage's prediction of 'abdicate'). I
> think the strongest approach would involve a combination of the two, using
> Skeyer for correction and Presage for prediction.

Interesting, we'll surely think about it. On SFOS, we have OKboard that has
implementation of swipe style input, but its probably good to think about
using keyboard-aware correction. However, as @ljo described, we don't have
such issue with `abd` in the presage version that has hunspell added as a
dictionary predictor. It would depend on corpora used for training, but in
our case we get "bad", "and", "abd" as the three first suggestions.

Mike, thanks for the tips regarding the keyboard internals, they are very
helpful. I'll register at UBPorts forums to get into some discussions (not
using telegram).


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