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Our MMSC is configured with: notify-unprovisioned = false.  We do this
because we have a "mms-to-local-copy-handler" VASP configured that
receives a copy of all MMS.  This handler will also do the "is
destination handset MMS enabled" check.  If it is not enabled/capable
the local-copy-handler VASP will generate a reference and send a SMS
message to that subscriber. The subscriber then uses a web interface
(with the above reference) to view the MMS.

This works great... but the flexibility is not preset for MMS that is
to big for the destiantion subscriber.  There is the
"mms-message-too-large-txt" configuration.  The issue here is, that
this only gives the subscriber a static link to go too.  No dynamic
reference for the specific MMS message.

So, what I am thinking of is this: the "prov-server-notify-script"
already passes the message_too_big status as well as the subscriber
information.  If we can add the msgid as another parameter to this
script, then we can trigger a SMS to that subscriber with the
reference (that is generated by the local-copy-vasp).

sjoe... at last I get to my point!

How is other people using/solving the message_to_big problem?
Does the above sound like a fair/clean(ish) solution?

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