I for one would love to look at the documentation.

  The project certainly sounds interesting. Does Nokia support  
sending MMS over SIP? Seems not for the current generation phones.  
Does any major vendor?
What advantages/applications can be envisaged? Why SIP over the  
current MM1-WAP scenario? Any comments from list members?


On Oct 30, 2006, at 14:53, Ilkka Ollakka wrote:

> On ma 30. lokakuuta 2006 14:14:11, Paul Bagyenda wrote:
>> This is certainly interesting. Can you tell us a bit more about your
>> test setup? What h/w and so forth?
>> Paul.
>  Hi,
>  Test platform was simple linux-server with mbuni installed, clients
>  were one of our own sip-library/client and other 3rd party sip-client
>  (can't recall it's name atm. but I'll look it up). Our client also  
> uses
>  that same sip-library and has qt4 gui and has basic ability to demux
>  mms-messages, also composing basic mms-messages works.
>  Testing were done mostly by testing mms from email to sip-client via
>  mbuni, and otherway around. Plan was to test also mbuni mm7-interface
>  against nokia mmsc, but that still onhold due lack of time. We have
>  access to nokia smsc/mmsc so we should be able to test those against
>  real mms-messages also when time permits. H/W as ordinary x86-linux,
>  client's were on linux/windows desktop pc. Also some test were done
>  with nokia sip-phones iirc (with sip-connectivity, not actuall
>  mms-sending/receiving yet).
>  Also Jarkko Oikarinen and Teemu Husso (who were main workers of this
>  project) found out this proposition about mms-messages
>  <ftp://ftp.tiaonline.org/TR-45/TR452/Incoming/MMS-06-25-conf-call/ 
> X34-20030625-007%20SIP-Based%20MMS_MM1%20%5BNortel%5D.doc>
>  and followed it's idea, thou we had came up pretty much the same when
>  doing our own desining.
>  All the documentations on that project is in finnish atm, but we can
>  do fast translation from
>  <http://students.oamk.fi/~t5hute00/qt4/mbunidoc0830.pdf> as soons as
>  time permits.
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