Is the patch can be posted on the Mailing list ?


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>I for one would love to look at the documentation.
>  The project certainly sounds interesting. Does Nokia support  
> sending MMS over SIP? Seems not for the current generation phones.  
> Does any major vendor?
> What advantages/applications can be envisaged? Why SIP over the  
> current MM1-WAP scenario? Any comments from list members?
> Paul.
> On Oct 30, 2006, at 14:53, Ilkka Ollakka wrote:
>> On ma 30. lokakuuta 2006 14:14:11, Paul Bagyenda wrote:
>>> This is certainly interesting. Can you tell us a bit more about your
>>> test setup? What h/w and so forth?
>>> Paul.
>>  Hi,
>>  Test platform was simple linux-server with mbuni installed, clients
>>  were one of our own sip-library/client and other 3rd party sip-client
>>  (can't recall it's name atm. but I'll look it up). Our client also  
>> uses
>>  that same sip-library and has qt4 gui and has basic ability to demux
>>  mms-messages, also composing basic mms-messages works.
>>  Testing were done mostly by testing mms from email to sip-client via
>>  mbuni, and otherway around. Plan was to test also mbuni mm7-interface
>>  against nokia mmsc, but that still onhold due lack of time. We have
>>  access to nokia smsc/mmsc so we should be able to test those against
>>  real mms-messages also when time permits. H/W as ordinary x86-linux,
>>  client's were on linux/windows desktop pc. Also some test were done
>>  with nokia sip-phones iirc (with sip-connectivity, not actuall
>>  mms-sending/receiving yet).
>>  Also Jarkko Oikarinen and Teemu Husso (who were main workers of this
>>  project) found out this proposition about mms-messages
>>  < 
>> X34-20030625-007%20SIP-Based%20MMS_MM1%20%5BNortel%5D.doc>
>>  and followed it's idea, thou we had came up pretty much the same when
>>  doing our own desining.
>>  All the documentations on that project is in finnish atm, but we can
>>  do fast translation from
>>  <> as soons as
>>  time permits.
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