We have put out a new release of Mbuni, please find details on the website. Mostly this represents all the changes that have over the past eight months taken place (bug fixes, minor enhancements, etc).

We will also shortly be announcing some commercial add-ons, in preparation of which you will see certain notes in Changelog file.

Looking ahead, Mbuni really has matured in our view. In the main, what is required are the little bits of add-ons that can improve useability. Which is what changes since the last release have been mostly about.

Also, one of the more requested features has been the ability to receive and send MMS using a GPRS/GSM modem on the VAS side. Generally we know how to do it, but have had a number of false starts caused by using the wrong hardware. It looks like we need a regular GPRS modem, not a phone that has a built-in modem (because this captures the MMS notification). The other missing component (concatenated MO SMS handling in Kannel) is now in place. Generally we consider this a low priority issue, but if somebody is interested in it, we can provide direction or they can provide the GPRS modem and we will get it working.


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