I am attempting to use the Send MMS service to submit a message for
local delivery. However I am unable to get the gateway to accept the
message instead it says "Don't know how to route!"

The config is shown:


group = mbuni
name = "blux"
hostname = "mymmsc.com"
local-prefixes = 27
sendsms-url =
sendsms-username = xxx
sendsms-password = xxx
sendmms-port = 8888

group = send-mms-user
username = mms
password = mms

The idea is that Mbuni accepts the MMS via the HTTP-GET on port 8888
and stores the message, then originates a wap push to the sendsms-url
to initiate the delivery sequence.

The messages are NOT accepted for local delivery - I want ALL messages
to be for local delivery. I have tried unified-prefix with no
improvement. Still "Don't know how to route!"

[I have noticed about 10 test messages came through but cannot isolate
the config that worked - that was six hours ago]

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