Would you kindly send a unified diff (preferably against CVS)?

On Dec 08, 2009, at 08:47, Ian Donaldson wrote:

> This topic has gone quiet and I've not seen any of the patches
> appear in CVS; its been over a year!
> I've just applied the patches and some tweaks to the 1.4.0 base
> and they seem to work ok.  I also tweaked some errno
> handling in the patch and fixed a bug whereby a failed fstat
> would return no result to a lock attempt.
> The #ifdef SunOS probably should be replaced with #ifdef HAS_BROKEN_FLOCK
> in most cases, as there are probably other SVR4 systems out
> there that could benefit from this multi-threaded locking support.
> I enclose my patch relative to the 1.4.0 base (with more context
> than the original patch as patching from that gave some errors).
> I also enclose a fix for Solaris and any other SVR4 based system
> to support logfile rotation using SIGHUP... the original
> code would die on the 2nd SIGHUP due to the signal handler
> not being reinstated.  Using sigaction instead on such systems.
> (#ifdef SA_RESTART)
> I also tweaked configure for Solaris 9 x86, as it only supported
> recognition of sparc with gcc.
> Ian D
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