Thanks Piotr

Patch applied. 
On Aug 04, 2010, at 08:55, Piotr Isajew wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm using mmsbox-mm1 very intensively for outgoing messages. It's
> great, but I've noticed some deadlock/blocking problems when using it
> under heavy load. Those are mostly related to situations when GPRS
> connection dies, or pppd process is alive, but stops transmitting
> packets. In some situations handle_mm1 thread leaves zombie pppd
> processes. 
> I'm attaching small patch that solved most of those problems for
> me. I'm however new to mbuni architecture so I'm not sure if it
> doesn't damage something else.
> Piotr
> <mmsbox_mm1.c.patch>_______________________________________________
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