It this patch we have 3 improvement/fixes:

1) when *no-archive* passed inside the DB connection string it is detected
but NOT stripped from the connection string and bcz of that it is causing
the database connection to fail. This issue has been fixed.

2) In order to make work SMIL with utf-8 data encoded  in it (subject
mostly) we need to parse it with different function and enforce the UTF-8
encoding on it. I also have added the UTF-8 encoding on the text files
attached to MM7 SOAP request. Before it was empty and any UTF-8 chars in
subject/MMS text were not displayed properly on the handset. For now it is
hardcoded to UTF-8

3) When mbuni sends to MMSC and get 'not-success' status it will retry (if
that is allowed) up to *max-retry* times. I have improve this feature by
adding the ability to customize the 'retry statuses'. Some statuses from
MMSC may be for permanent errors and retrying will not change anything,
some may be temprorary. Now user can set which errors should be retried
 and the rest will not be retried.

Please review these changes and merge them into mbuni code base.

Jacek Raczkiewicz

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