Here is another patch containing allow-adaptations setting for MMSC. It
allows setup allow-adaptations=0/1 in the mmsbox.conf for each MMSC, this
value is overwritten by the allow-adaptations passed in the sendmms
request. By default (if nothing setup) it is set to true.

Jacek Raczkiewicz

2014-01-23 18:27 GMT+01:00 Jacek Raczkiewicz <jacek.raczkiew...@gmail.com>:

> I have extracted the patch agains not updated version of mbuni.
> Apparently point 3) is already in the code base.
> Please find the updated patch with only point 1) and 2)
> 2014/1/23 Jacek Raczkiewicz <jacek.raczkiew...@gmail.com>
>> Hello,
>> It this patch we have 3 improvement/fixes:
>> 1) when *no-archive* passed inside the DB connection string it is
>> detected but NOT stripped from the connection string and bcz of that it is
>> causing the database connection to fail. This issue has been fixed.
>> 2) In order to make work SMIL with utf-8 data encoded  in it (subject
>> mostly) we need to parse it with different function and enforce the UTF-8
>> encoding on it. I also have added the UTF-8 encoding on the text files
>> attached to MM7 SOAP request. Before it was empty and any UTF-8 chars in
>> subject/MMS text were not displayed properly on the handset. For now it is
>> hardcoded to UTF-8
>> 3) When mbuni sends to MMSC and get 'not-success' status it will retry
>> (if that is allowed) up to *max-retry* times. I have improve this
>> feature by adding the ability to customize the 'retry statuses'. Some
>> statuses from MMSC may be for permanent errors and retrying will not change
>> anything, some may be temprorary. Now user can set which errors should be
>> retried  and the rest will not be retried.
>> Please review these changes and merge them into mbuni code base.
>> Regards,
>> Jacek Raczkiewicz

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