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> >> Notes on the system config, and links to the ntp.conf are on those
> >> pages.  
> > GPS; GlobalSat MR-350P  
> Are all the PPS pulses getting through?  The MR-350P has a very
> narrow pulse.

Yes. every one.

> If you don't have a pulse stretcher, you can easily get
> enough pulses to make it look like it is working while not getting
> enough to work well. Details depend on your hardware and such.  There
> are counters in the clockstats lines.  (This is one of the main
> reasons I added those counters.)

ppstest also has a counter.  I have been running this MR-350P for
years.  I have tested it a lot, it is very solid.

> [USB]
> > Yeah, not even started to look at that yet.  What I see is the USB
> > phase locks to the PPS and the results are 'too good'.   
> Do you mean somewhat solid locking or just hanging bridging?  

Solid loocking, as in great time sync.

> Some of your graphs would be easier to read if the text for the
> percentage lines was pulled out of the graph and put into a table to
> the right or below the graph.

Patches welcome.

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