Gary E. Miller via devel writes:
>> And will it work with the Navisys TR units?
> Dunno, I have no info on that GPS.  It does need access to the EXTINT0
> pin on the u-blox.  I think EXTINT0, for timing, is only available on
> the FTS variants of the u-blox.

No. The EXTINTx function (these inputs are configurable for multiple
purposes) that is only available on FTS (Frequency & Sync) products is
using these for feeding in a reference frequency.

> I've never found a good list of which products are FTS.  I think the
> LEA-M8F, LEA-M8T and NEO-M8T are FTS.  Likely a few others, but not the
> basic NEO-M8L, M, N, Q or S variants.

You must not have been looking very hard, the uBlox web pages are one of
the easier ones to navigate when it comes to these things.  Anyway, I've
posted a link to the document containing that list some time ago
already, here it is again:

Timestamping is actually supported on all firmware versions and only the
M8F variant has FTS firmware.  Due to the way the messaging works you
only get two measurements per second, for the falling and rising edge of
the same input.

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