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> > The OnCore already is mostly supported.  What's missing is that GPSD
> > can't do site-survey mode for the M12 timing variant. These are long
> > since EOL but still available on e-Bay for cheap, as boards with
> > TTL-level outputs; you have to do systems integration yourself,
> > including level shifters and 1PPS-to-DCD and a powered antenna.  This
> > page
> >
> >
> >
> > tells you what's required.
> Again, drop-in replacements for the M12 as well as receivers in
> different form-factor with M12 compatible protocol are widely available,
> both new and used, and are probably the most cost-effective timing-grade
> modules you can get. One of those, the Furuno GT8536, was the king of
> the hill when it comes to PPS timing precision (both without and with
> sawtooth correction) until very recently.

I read the Furuno specsheet and that indeed looks like a nice piece
of equipment.  But Furuno lists it as discontinued, though. Can't find it
for sale on eBay or elsewhere on the web; there are hints it might have 
EOLed in 2014.

Hardware that is EOLed and no longer available for purchase anywhere
we can see it is is not something that I think we can or should try to
factor into our planning.

On the other hand -- incoming -- I just had a long chat with the
guy behind the CNS clock. That's looking like a reason to keep the
OnCore driver.
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