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> Mark Atwood, Project Manager <mark.atw...@ntpsec.org>:
> > Can OnCore be supported by gpsd?  
> The OnCore already is mostly supported.  What's missing is that GPSD
> can't do site-survey mode for the M12 timing variant.

That would be easy to add, if proper documentation could be found.
The Trimble doc has always been terrible.

> These are long
> since EOL but still available on e-Bay for cheap, as boards with
> TTL-level outputs; you have to do systems integration yourself,
> including level shifters and 1PPS-to-DCD and a powered antenna.  This
> page
> https://www.dellanave.com/projects/carpc/oncore_gps.php
> tells you what's required.

Or just buy an RS-232 to TTL adapter from Sparkfun.  Or hook to
a RasPi.

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