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>> We could make it a two-step operation where you indicate you want to
>> submit, wait for the CI output and then click submit - but why not
>> just let the system submit for you?


> Another option is not to do it from Gerrit, but via a 'developer' job that
> will be able
> to run "heavy jobs" on demand, basically we should be able to utilize the
> same
> flow Zuul will run, only instead of basic sanity, run tier1/2 of testing and
> not publish RPMs at the end.
> This is more complicated than it sounds ( at least to what we knew about
> developer jobs in the past),
> So we'll learn more about this as we move forward with the gating project.

This is just like the "3 CI stages" I described above, just without
placing the button in Gerrit - I still don't think we should have this
(Better to aim for CI to be fast and reliable enough).

Barak Korren
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