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> Thanks for sharing those links.
> I didn't know you're already working on adopting Zuul, my bad =)

It ok, I guess oVirt Jira is not anyone's favorite reading material ;)

> So the maintainer can simply express his/her intent to merge the given
> patch, and CI infra takes care of the rest (run heavy tests and submit
> changes if successful).

Yep that is where we want to be.

> I'd be cautious with this feature, since our heavy CI tests involve
> GWT compilation, so Zuul trying to run more tests (on different patch
> combinations) = more time spent.

Its not something that Zuul allows you to heavily customize - and I am
hoping we will manage to get more efficient with the builds. Besides -
looking at a common scenario now - where the maintainer merges a set
of patches before leaving the office for the night, having the CI
system crunch all night and bring results in the morning is not such a
bad thing. Way better then finding out which patch broke the
experimental flow 3 days later.

> We cannot rule out issues that might happen in future. There will be
> flaky/broken tests or CI infra issues, we need to decide how to deal
> with those, I think.

Hopefully we get to the point where they are rare.

> It was just an idea =) Zuul sounds more like a proper solution.

Just to make things clear - Zuul does not do any magic with Gerrit's
"submit" button - one needs to use a flag instead.

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