Hello All.

We have fixed the Rerun-Hooks comment functionality on gerrit.ovirt.org and
you should be able to start using it now.

The most common use case for this is to rerun all patchset-created hooks on
a patch. Just leave a comment with:

Rerun-Hooks: all

and shortly you will get the hooks to be re-executed and output delivered
as a gerrit comment (same as you would just submitted the patch).

This also supports rerunning individual hooks. But it is a bit less
straightforward as you need to know the hook file name. E.g. the following
is possible:

Rerun-Hooks: patchset-created.bz.1.check_bug_url,

you can see the default hooks list at [1].

I think most of the time "Rerun-Hooks: all" will do the job and it is all
you need to remember.

Note that currently it is possible to rerun online patchset-created hooks.



Anton Marchukov
Team Lead - Release Management - RHV DevOps - Red Hat
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