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Am Thu, Apr 02, 2015 at 12:19:56PM -0400 schrieb Craig Younkins:
> > Mostly because I don't think that paying money makes anything more secure.
> I would argue it makes it marginally more secure - you probably aren't
> getting MITM'd by a script kiddie at the coffee shop, which immediately my
> first thought every time I see the red warning in Chrome.

Well, even at the coffee shop you could still verify the fingerprints, but I
get your point (even though I doubt that many people will visit the RIOT
developer mailing list archive from a coffee shop or a similar place).

> Does the project have a paypal address for donations? I can send you $10 if
> that's what the money would go towards.

No - at least not yet. We're still in the process of setting up a legal entity
for RIOT. Let me check if we can do the same trick as for
https://ci.riot-os.org and getting a DFN verified cert.

The sad thing about IPv6 jokes is that almost no one understands them and no
one is using them yet.

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