He Kees,

On 08/05/2018 01:20 PM, Kees Bakker wrote:
> First of all, who is the maintainer of driver_at? In other words,
> who should I be asking questions about this driver?

As I'm the original author, I'd consider myself the author, but Vincent
has contributed a lot. Asking on this mailing list was probably the best.
Sorry for the delayed answer.

> Is somebody using the AT driver? Is somebody using the URC facility?
I'm using the driver in a production device, but without URC.

I'm sure URC can be improved. I was thinking whether we can write a UART
RX handler that can be switched to line-mode when needed (compared to
bytewise handling), and then hook URC handling in there.

I think we're all not entirely clear on how URC's are supposed to work
in general, and if modems actually behave as expected. Most
documentation states that URC cannot occur while a command is handled.
When does that "handling" start? after sending the newline
(AT<foo><CR>), or maybe after receiving AT?

Could someone with a modem on the desk try, e.g, does "RING" arrive
after typing "AT"?

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