Am 12.06.2018 um 09:29 schrieb Chris Johns:
> On 12/06/2018 17:18, Christian Mauderer wrote:
>> Am 12.06.2018 um 07:08 schrieb Chris Johns:
>>> On 09/06/2018 02:45, Christian Mauderer wrote:
>>>> Did you also note Gedares suggestion to move the rtems_waf.git to the
>>>> public repos? Maybe that would be a good idea.
>>> Yes I did and it is a good idea. I have move the repo to the top level and
>>> updated cgit's config so it is viewable.
>>> Will need to update the repos that include this. Please consider the 
>>> changes to
>>> do that pre-approved.
>> This change will make it necessary to do a `git submodule sync` for
>> every user in the affected repositories. So maybe it would be a good
>> time to think about another point to avoid a second sync:
>> Do we want to keep the absolute URL or do we want to use relative URLs?
>>> The first one has a longer backward compatibility (relative URLs are
>> there since 2007: which
>> should be somewhere between git 1.5 and git 1.6).
>> The second one would allow mirrors that use a mirrored sub-repository too.
> What do you think we should do?

My first guess would have been to use relative URLs. But after I've seen
that this feature is there only since 2012 (1.7.12) (see second mail)
I'm not so sure anymore.

It seems that there are not too much active distributions left that have
a git < 1.7.12 in the latest release:

But on the other hand for example CentOS 6 (which is one of the longest
supported distributions I know of) still has a git 1.7.1. And I would
expect that this is a distribution that has the potential to be used as
a build machine quite often.

So also relative modules would be a good idea, maybe we should wait for
something around two or three more years (CentOS 6 runs out of support
in 11/2020).

>> By the way: Shouldn't the rtems_waf be mirrored on github too? I think
>> most core-repositories are.
> Yes it would be good to have the repo mirrored on git. It is one of the hooks 
> in
> list that does this. Anyone with commit access should be able to edit the 
> hooks
> and change this.

But most likely someone belonging to the github RTEMS group has to
create it there first, right?

>>> I have not pushed this change so please do so as a test. :)
>> I have pushed the show-commands patch. Seems that there is something
>> wrong with the trac-config.
> Ah OK, I have added it
>> Otherwise it worked fine. Sorry for the
>> German messages.
> Looks good and it appears in the Trac view now.
> Chris

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