I have recently started with working on sel4 and I have a couple of

i) Can a process be spawned or configured only from the root task? (using
ii) How to enable or locate prints of ZF_LOGE in kernel? I have enabled
kernel prints and debug in make menuconfig.
iii) I have followed the tutorial for IPC between a spawned process and
root task. The setup is done as follows from the root task:

    /* create an endpoint */
    vka_object_t ep_object = {0};
    error = vka_alloc_endpoint(&vka, &ep_object);
    assert(error == 0);

     * make a badged endpoint in the new process's cspace.  This copy
     * will be used to send an IPC to the original cap

    /* make a cspacepath for the new endpoint cap */
    cspacepath_t ep_cap_path;
    seL4_CPtr new_ep_cap;
    vka_cspace_make_path(&vka, ep_object.cptr, &ep_cap_path);

    /* copy the endpont cap and add a badge to the new cap */
    new_ep_cap = sel4utils_mint_cap_to_process(&new_process, ep_cap_path,
        seL4_AllRights, seL4_CapData_Badge_new(EP_BADGE));
    assert(new_ep_cap != 0);

However, I want to establish communication between two spawned processes.
In that case I need to copy the badged endpoint capability of one process
into another process. But in the spawned process I wouldn't have access to
the pointer (sel4utils_process_t of new process), so how can i use

Can someone help me with these. Thanks in advance.

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