Hi Daniel,

The camkes-arm-vm project is built on CAmkES, which has a high level system 
assembly specification that gets compiled down into capDL. If you search your 
build directory you can find the 'vm.cdl' file that CAmkES generates. It is 
very much *not* recommended that you attempt to manually modify this file 
unless there is no other option. Rather it is recommended that you keep your 
extensions in CAmkES by writing additional components and adding them to the 
system assembly. I would suggest looking at the CAmkES tutorials 
(https://wiki.sel4.systems/Tutorials#CAmkES_tutorials) to get more familiar 
with working in a CAmkES system.


On Wed 07-Mar-2018 6:34 PM, Daniel Wang wrote:
> Hi all,
> I’m trying build a PoC system based on the camkes-arm-vm repository. I saw 
> the init process is created using CapDL, but I’m having trouble to find the 
> the CapDL spec file. Could you please point it out for me? Also for the first 
> step, I’m trying to build another app side-by-side with the VMM and guest 
> Linux. I assume I need to modify the CapDL. I’m not exactly the work flow 
> with CapDL can you give me a hint? Thanks.
> Best Regards
> -Daniel Wang
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