Hi Adrian,

Thank you for your response. Yeah I mixed the relationship between CamkES and 

Best Regards
-Daniel Wang

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> <adrian.da...@data61.csiro.au> wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> The camkes-arm-vm project is built on CAmkES, which has a high level system 
> assembly specification that gets compiled down into capDL. If you search your 
> build directory you can find the 'vm.cdl' file that CAmkES generates. It is 
> very much *not* recommended that you attempt to manually modify this file 
> unless there is no other option. Rather it is recommended that you keep your 
> extensions in CAmkES by writing additional components and adding them to the 
> system assembly. I would suggest looking at the CAmkES tutorials 
> (https://wiki.sel4.systems/Tutorials#CAmkES_tutorials) to get more familiar 
> with working in a CAmkES system.
> Adrian
> On Wed 07-Mar-2018 6:34 PM, Daniel Wang wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I’m trying build a PoC system based on the camkes-arm-vm repository. I saw 
>> the init process is created using CapDL, but I’m having trouble to find the 
>> the CapDL spec file. Could you please point it out for me? Also for the 
>> first step, I’m trying to build another app side-by-side with the VMM and 
>> guest Linux. I assume I need to modify the CapDL. I’m not exactly the work 
>> flow with CapDL can you give me a hint? Thanks.
>> Best Regards
>> -Daniel Wang
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