Hi all,

I’m trying to figure out how to use the Vchan library to setup communication 
between guest OS and native components. I got couple questions how you can give 
me some advices.

1. I saw the camkes_vchan_con_t structure in the helloworld components 
(camkes-arm-vm), but I could not find the implementation for  
vchan_con_new_connection(), vchan_con_rem_connection(), etc. Are those 
autogenerated by camkes? If so how it is generated?

static camkes_vchan_con_t con = {
    .connect = &vchan_con_new_connection,
    .disconnect = &vchan_con_rem_connection,
    .get_buf = &vchan_con_get_buf,
        .status = &vchan_con_status,

    .alert = &vchan_con_ping,
    .wait = &vevent_wait,
    .poll = &vevent_poll,

    .dest_dom_number = 0,
    .source_dom_number = 50,

2. I tried to compile the Vchan support and demo helloworld components for 
odroid-xu. But the compile shows error due to the VM.h file 
(camkes-arm-vm/projects/vm/components/VM/src/cmks_vchan_vm.c:23) cannot be 
found. How can I generate the VM.h file?  

Thanks a lot!

Best Regards
-Daniel Wang

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