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# seL4 Version 9.0.0 Release
 Announcing the release of `seL4 9.0.0` with the following changes:

9.0.0 2018-04-11: BREAKING

# Changes
 * Debugging option on x86 for syscall interface to read/write MSRs (this is 
an, equally dangerous, alternative to
   dangerous code injection)
 * Mitigation for Meltdown ( on x86-64 implemented. 
Mitigation is via a form of kernel
   page table isolation through the use of a Static Kernel Image with 
Microstate (SKIM) window that is used for
   trapping to and from the kernel address space. This can be enabled/disabled 
through the build configuration
   depending on whether you are running on vulnerable hardware or not.
 * Mitigation for Spectre ( on x86 against the kernel 
implemented. Default is software
   mitigation and is the best performing so users need to do nothing. This does 
*not* prevent user processes from
   exploiting each other.
 * x86 configuration option for performing branch prediction barrier on context 
switch to prevent Spectre style
   attacks between user processes using the indirect branch predictor
 * x86 configuration option for flushing the RSB on context switch to prevent 
Spectre style attacks between user
   processes using the RSB
 * Define extended bootinfo header for the x86 TSC frequency
 * x86 TSC frequency exported in extended bootinfo header
 * `archInfo` is no longer a member of the bootinfo struct. Its only use was 
for TSC frequency on x86, which
   can now be retrieved through the extended bootinfo
 * Invocations to set thread priority and maximum control priority (MCP) have 
     - For both invocations, users must now provide a TCB capability `auth`
     - The requested MCP/priority is checked against the MCP of the `auth` 
     - Previous behavior checked against the invoked TCB, which could be 
subject to the confused deputy
 * `seL4_TCB_Configure` no longer takes prio, mcp as an argument. Instead these 
fields must be set separately
   with `seL4_TCB_SetPriority` and `seL4_TCB_SetMCPriority`.
 * `seL4_TCB_SetPriority` and `seL4_TCB_SetMCPriority` now take `seL4_Word` 
instead of `seL4_Uint8`.
       - `seL4_MaxPrio` remains at 255.
 * `seL4_TCB_SetSchedParams` is a new method where MCP and priority can be set 
in the same sytsem call.
 * Size of the TCB object is increased for some build configurations

# Upgrade notes
 * `seL4_TCB_Configure` calls that set priority should be changed to explicitly 
call `seL4_TCB_SetSchedParams`
   or `SetPriority`
 * `seL4_TCB_Configure` calls that set MCP should be changed to explicitly call 
   or `seL4_TCB_SetMCPriority`


# Full changelog
 Refer to the git log in
<> using `git log 8.0.0..9.0.0`

# More details
 See the
[9.0.0 manual]( included in 
the release or ask on the mailing list!

# CAmkES Version camkes-3.3.0 Release

Announcing the release of `camkes-3.3.0` with the following changes:

camkes-3.3.0 2018-04-11

Using seL4 version 9.0.0

## Changes
* Hardware dataport with large frame sizes issue has been fixed
* Bug fix: Enumerating connections for hierarchical components with custom 
connection types is now done correctly
* Bug fix: Data structure caching is now correctly invalidated between builds
* Initial CMake implementation for CAmkES.  See the CAmkES test apps for 

## Upgrade notes
* No special upgrade requirements.

## Known issues
* Hierarchical components that export dataport connectors create compilation 
errors as the templates cannot accurately
  tell that the connector of the parent component is exported from the child 
and no code should be generated.  A
  temporary workaround involves making the dataport connection explicitly 
available to the parent component.


# Full changelog
 Use `git log camkes-3.2.0..camkes-3.3.0` in

# More details
 See the
or ask on the mailing list!
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