​​We are pleased to annouce a new documentation website at 

The documentation site is now using GitHub pages, generated from a GitHub 
repository <https://github.com/SEL4PROJ/docs> using a popular static site 
generator, Jekyll.
GitHub pages hosted documentation is a standard documentation pattern familiar 
to many in the open-source community.

Content from the previous wiki has been migrated to the new site, while the 
wiki itself is no longer available.
The new documentation format should welcome community contributions, and be 
easier to maintain for the following reasons:
 * Contributions are welcome via pull request.
 * Easier editing through Markdown (GFM), an open document format.
 * Content styling is now separate from presentation.
 * The site can be checked out and hosted locally.
 * Contributions are versioned and reviewed, and tagged at released versions of 

We hope that this will lead to the quality of our documentation increasing as 
it is easier and more accessible to update.
Contributions, via pull requests or feature requests on github, are welcome.

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