Thank you very much for your answer, I will try this too.



On 15/05/18 22:56, wrote:
Hi Paolo,

For our internal continuous integration, we use the python pexpect[1] package 
to detect output/timeouts and then terminate the test. It's not perfect, but it 
works most of the time.


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On Tue, May 15, 2018 at 7:43 AM, Paolo Crisafulli
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Hi there,

I have written a seL4 app using CAmkES, that I am continuously building
using Jenkins.

I'd like to add a test step to this continuous integration process,
launching the app with qemu and parsing the output to validate my

The thing is, although all the active ("control") components reach their
last instruction after a while, seL4 does not "exit" (which is expected I
guess) and qemu does not stop, keeping my continuous integration job running
for ever.

Any idea on how to achieve this?

Thank you very much in advance.
I'd imagine there are probably a few ways, mainly by binding the
monitor to some input device,
the following uses a unix socket/socat

qemu-system-i386 -monitor unix:path=./,server,nowait &
# can exit whenever with
echo "system_powerdown" | socat -
echo "quit" | socat -

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