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On Wed, 12 Sep 2007, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
I've noticed this with the Intel 865G chipset (i810 driver) on XFree86
(Linux, 2.4.35 kernel).

I've got two different machines with this chipset. In both cases, the BIOS
set-up for using 8MB of VRAM (this memory is taken from the RAM).

1) industrial PC : 8085:2572 with subvendor/device 8086:4246 (Intel 865
GBF motherboard)

Here there is no crash.

2) Dell GX270 : 8086:2572 with subvendor/device 1028:0151 (Dell

Here X crashes when switching to text console and back to X.
It seems that the Dell BIOS mismanages something ...

The solution I found to avoid this crash is to use 865patch (available at
http://www.chzsoft.com.ar/855patch.html) and set the VRAM to 32000
(for example) before starting X.

I think this could be mentionned in the release-notes and/or i810 man

IMHO the same information could be given for the Intel 845G (eg apply

The driver already does this for some chips. Can you produce a patch to the driver that extends this to other chip revisions? I have little experience with this driver and no hardware that I could use to test such a change.

A little more digging reveals that the functionality of all the various 8x5patch utilities has already been integrated into the driver. At this point, I think a log from both the functioning and non-functioning cases would help.



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