On Thu, 1 Nov 2007, Eeri Kask wrote:
(1) In iconmgr.c.diff6  at the end is corrected a bug which leads to
*multicolumn* iconmanager window width gradual collapse under certain
circumstances while computing 'wwidth'.  I observed this while resizing
and/or moving the icon manager window and then terminating some client,
say xcalc.  In that moment the icon manager window gets squeezed
unexpectedly showing this bug.

I am sure my correction to this problem is not correct, as it only
"undoes" something what gets screwed somewhere else (namely, ip->width
seems to have incorrect value on enrty into PackIconManager()).  I'll
have to study the problem more closely and then suggest a bugfix.

OK.  I've "#if 0"'ed it out for now.  Let me know when you're ready.

I am making progress.  While finalising XFT-support in cleaning up
memory leaks with the help of your patches I noticed you have missed one
case in leak-cleanup:  the client window title bar.  Here is the
relevant snippet from events.c function HandleDestroyNotify():

   if (Tmp_win->title_height)
        int nb = Scr->TBInfo.nleft + Scr->TBInfo.nright;
        XDeleteContext(dpy, Tmp_win->title_w, TwmContext);
        XDeleteContext(dpy, Tmp_win->title_w, ScreenContext);
        if (Tmp_win->hilite_w)
            XDeleteContext(dpy, Tmp_win->hilite_w, TwmContext);
            XDeleteContext(dpy, Tmp_win->hilite_w, ScreenContext);
        if (Tmp_win->titlebuttons) {
            for (i = 0; i < nb; i++) {
                XDeleteContext (dpy, Tmp_win->titlebuttons[i].window,
                XDeleteContext (dpy, Tmp_win->titlebuttons[i].window,
#ifdef TWM_USE_XFT
        XftDrawDestroy (Tmp_win->xft_title_w);

Good point.  Thanks.


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