Hi XFree86 Developers!

First of all let me express all my respect for the tremendous work you guys put into XFree86!

I'm developing native for PC hardware now using MS Virtual PC 2007, and I needed true-color high resolutions. I've managed to set 8-, 16 and 32-bit screen modes in *any* arbitrary resolution under VPC by programming the video 'registers'. I don't use Linux and/or XFree, but I can see that many XFree users has problems setting up VPC and XFree.

I was thinking to ask this community whether it might be interesting to give dedicated support for VPC! Having shortage of time I cannot patch XFree, it was a long time ago that I read the source code, but with a little help by people who know exactly where to insert my SetScreenMode() routine this might go relatively fast.

I was interested only in the so called 'enhanced' modes, beyong standard VGA (I think VPC emulates VGA functions very well). I've booted VPC with my serial-communication program and poked registers for a few days.. Being software emulation there are a lot of differences compare to a real S3 Trio64. Most of the registers are useless, and only some of them matter. It turned out that VPC requires 3 lines of S3 init code for enhanced modes, and a short SetScreenMode() function that supports 8-, 16- and 32 bpp color depths at any resolution, of those of course which fit the emulated 4MB linear frame buffer at 0xF8000000.

I would gladly contribute to XFree development, if VPC support has any of interest! Some shots and details can be found on my page: www.halicery.com/vpc.htm. Code might look messy, sorry about that..

Identification hint: S3 in VPC reports different pci_ids in PCI config space (0x8811) and in extended CR registers 2D-2E (0x8810). Maybe this is enough to identify VPC??

Seems like to me that VPC fully supports Trio64's 2D acceleration. I just have doubts whether to use it or not, being software emulation anyway.. Can be comfortable but with performance issues. That should be benchmarked first.

Best Regards,
Attila Tarpai

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