Is there some way to use Xv with the "Video Texture" or "Video Blitter"
adaptors to use XDraw commands to annotate live video data after it has been
converted from YUV, but before it is shown to the user? We currently use
video overlays for this, but most graphics cards seem to be dropping support
for the overlays.


I would like to be able to combine the video and the annotations in
offscreen memory and then present them to the operator.  And I would like to
be able to make use of the colorspace conversion and resizing capabilites of
Xv at the same time.

If I blit the video directly to the window and then copy the annotations
over from a pixmap, or draw them on the video, they blink.  


When I try to draw (using XvShmPutImage) to an offscreen pixmap using the
"Video Texture" adaptor, it says there are insufficient resources. 

BTW: I am using Fedora 7, and trying both the "nv" and "nvidia" drivers.

Thanks in advance.


- Steve Thrash


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