Patch #230 - 2007/12/31

     * add   quietGrab  resource,  which  when  true,  suppresses  cursor
       repainting  when  NotifyGrab  and  NotifyUngrab  event  types  are
       received during change of focus (request by Nicolas George).
     * do   not  treat  Unicode  BIDI  control  characters  as  combining
       characters (Debian #457634).
     * add koi8rxterm, from Debian.
     * add  manpage  for  uxterm,  from  Debian  (Ubuntu  #128136, Debian
     * remove  ".xpm" suffixes from Icon filenames in desktop files since
       it   confuses   some   lookups   following  the  [234]Icon  Theme
       Specification (report by Slava Semushin)
     * correct  width-calculation  used for adjusting proportional fonts,
       to work with wide-characters (Debian #441354).
     * fixes/improvements for double-size characters:
          + correct  old  clipping calculation which used total height of
            glyphs where ascent was needed.
          + if bold font is unavailable, fall back to normal font
          + adjust   to   "work"   with   Xft  (which  does  not  support
            double-width single-height characters).
          + restore  reset  of  doublesize for a line when it is cleared,
            broken in [235]patch #228.
     * modify  logic for forceBoxChars resource when using TrueType fonts
       to be consistent with bitmap fonts
     * modify  logic for forceBoxChars resource to make the "Line-Drawing
       Characters"  menu  entry  use xterm's line-drawing characters even
       asked  to draw wide line-drawing characters which are available in
       the font.
     * modify   rectangle-support   functions  to  preserve  colors  when
       filling/erasing  (request by Enzo Toscano, to match WRQ Reflection
     * add  getopt-parsing to, including feature to test the
       extended cursor/editing keys.
     * make  missing  double-width glyphs display as double-width (Debian
     * change  tcap-fkeys and rectangles configure options to enable them
       by default.
     * hide  the  mouse  pointer while user is typing (request by Rodolfo
     * extend      configure      options     --enable-tcap-query     and
       --enable-tcap-fkeys   to  send  cursor-  and  editing-keypad  keys
       modified  according  to  the  keyboard  (or termcap) selection for
       shift, alt, control, meta.
     * modify  kdch1  in  termcap,  e.g.,  xterm-r6 to match the terminfo
     * add -hm option to turn highlightColorMode on or off.
     * add  highlightColorMode  resource to separate the new (since patch
       #225) highlighting with both text- and background-colors (prompted
       by report/example by Thomas Wolff).
     * add Keep Selection menu entry to turn the keepSelection resource
       on/off at runtime.
     * add  keepSelection  resource,  which  when enabled, tells xterm to
       retain  the X selection even after it stops highlighting it (patch
       by Sergey Vlasov).
     * extend  the  CSI > n  sequence  to  allow  disabling  all types of
       modified-keys that the CSI > m sequence affects.
     * move include for <xtermcap.h> in resize.c to avoid redefinition of
       termios  structure  on  OpenSolaris  (report  by  Rahul Gopinathan
     * extend  terminfo  building  blocks  for  modified  editing keys to
       include all six keys.
     * synchronize terminfo with ncurses (report by Stephane Chazelas):
          + equate xterm-xfree86 and xterm-xf86-v44.
          + add ncurses extensions OTbs, AX, for termcap conversions.
          + make  old/legacy  entries  such  as  xterm-24,  xterm-65  and
            aliases xterms, vs100 inherit from xterm-old.
          + make  xterm-r5  and  xterm-r6  the  same, ignoring historical
            errors in X Consortium's version.
     * fix an ifdef in logic for selecting regular expressions while in a
       narrow-character locale (Debian #449227).

Thomas E. Dickey

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