Martin Pelmore, CreditSoft Announces Planned Release of CreditSoft 8.0 for
Spring 2007

Coral Springs, FL (PRWeb) December 1, 2006 -- CreditSoft has just announced
the planned release of CreditSoft 8.0, software for Credit Counseling, Debt
Settlement and Debt Consolidation industries, for Spring 2007.

CreditSoft introduces agencies to new levels of reliability and performance
with their complete system for data entry, accounting and customer service.
With more than 100 agencies worldwide using CreditSoft, we are the leading
software provider in the debt industry. With CreditSoft 8.0 you will be able
to reduce operating costs and work more efficiently.

CreditSoft 8 includes many new features to help you keep in compliance with
new creditor requirements and state regulations including payment
scheduling, proposal and document batching and issue tracking.

The updated screens in CreditSoft 8 offer a higher level of performance and
reliability, to help increase your agency's productivity. With our new
layout options, you will be able to customize screens based on agency or
user specific settings - show or hide columns and group or sort by columns.

CreditSoft 8 also has an updated payment schedule feature that allows you to
schedule future disbursement allocations, and track timely disbursements to
ensure your agency meets the state compliance regulations.

You can also customize the issue tracking workflow in CreditSoft 8, making
it quick and easy to use. You will be able to communicate with clients and
store client information using the web interface. And, tailor issue search
criteria to improve service department efficiency.

Using the new document batching processes and improved customization
options, you will have control over how and when processes run giving you
increased flexibility in statement generation and letter processing.

Some of the key features of CreditSoft 8 are:

•    New Payment Schedule & Document Batching processes

•    Improved customization for Issue Tracking

•    New Budget Scenario options including Comparison & Historical scenarios

•    Process client checks by phone

•    Implementation of advanced Security Settings

•    Internal linked program help (documentation)

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CreditSoft is a division of it's parent company ICCO which offers a wide
range of products, including CreditSoft, CollectPlus, EFT123 and a variety
of custom consulting areas and software tools. Details are available on the
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