Patch #232 - 2008/01/30

     * corrected  logic  in  a  font-cache used for reverse-video (Debian
     * add control sequence to alter pointerMode at runtime.
     * add  limit-checks  for  rectangle  operation parameters (report by
       Martin Pirker).
     * modify  to  suppress $MANPAGER and $PAGER environment
       variables, which may interfere with redirecting output of man to a
       shell variable (report/patch by Zdenek Sekera).
     * do  not  try  to  hide  mouse pointer in the tek4014 window, fixes
       broken "-t" option at startup from [236]patch #230 changes (report
       by Robert K. Nelson).
     * correct  datatype  used  when  drawing  tek4014  data  using xterm
       compiled  for  wide-characters, on big-endian machines (reports by
       Jeremy  Huddleston,  Harald  Hanche-Olsen,  Martin Costabel, Merle
     * modify to cache the font-names along with the bitmap font data, to
       improve comparison of fonts.
     * modify     to    allow    building    with    configure    options
       --disable-ansi-color    and   --disable-leaks   (Debian   #459817,
       report/patch by Németh Márton).
     * modify     to    allow    building    with    configure    options
       --enable-wide-chars   and   --disable-c1-print   (Debian  #459816,
       report/patch by Németh Márton).
     * add  pointerMode  resource to control whether and when the pointer
       cursor is hidden as the user types.
     * simplify initialization of ttyMode- and related characters using a
     * modify  initialization-logic  for  stty  values that correspond to
       ltchars  structure  and the BSD TIOCSLTC ioctl (susp, dsusp, rprnt
       flush,  werase,  lnext).  These  were  reset to constants for both
       termios  and legacy interfaces immediately after asking the system
       for  the  existing values since X11R6.1, rather than using them to
       provide  inherited  values.  While  the  legacy interface has some
       constraints,  e.g., on HPUX, the POSIX or termios interface should
       not.  Your  shell  may reset these anyway (prompted by patch by Ed
     * improve logic for hiding/displaying pointer-cursor (report by Mark
     * add  limit-checks  to  tabs.c, increase maximum column for setting
       tab-stops from 320 to 1024 (report by Németh Márton).
     * correct  length,  i.e.,  number  of  types  of  selection targets,
       computed  by  ConvertSelection() when not handling wide characters
       for the XA_TARGETS() case. This leaves an extra Atom on the end of
       the  list  which  is  not handled by [237]Java applications. The
       problem was introduced in [238]patch #151 (report by David Wood).

Thomas E. Dickey

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