Patch #236 - 2008/07/27

     * correct  memory  reallocation  when handling a paste of UTF-8 text
       from [240]patch #225 changes (report/patch by Max Mikhanosha).
     * correct  allocation  of temporary buffer in xtermFindShell in case
       the  user's  $PATH  contains  no  ":"  (report/analysis  by Victor
       Stinner, Freedesktop.Org Bugzilla #16790).
     * modify  CF_XOPEN_SOURCE  to add case for DragonFly BSD, to fix new
       compile  problem  exposed  by  fix  for  fd_mask  (patch  by Hasso
     * add  configure-check  for  ncurses  use_extended_names, (report by
       Martin Mokrejs).
     * correct  computation  for  toolbar  height; layout manager already
       takes into account borderWidth resource.
     * implement  VT320-style  SCS (select character set) for ISO Latin-1
     * fixes  for  vt100-style  character  sets  in  UTF-8  mode  (Ubuntu
     * fix  to  make  luit  work with xterm's -ls option (report/patch by
       Marius Tolzmann).
     * update config.guess, config.sub

Thomas E. Dickey

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