On Fri, 24 Oct 2008, Rares Vernica wrote:

"xload" shows that the load on my computer is 50% when in fact is 100%. I
know is 100% from "top".

Here is how I start xload:

xload -update 2 -scale 5 -nolabel -bg black -fg white -hl cyan -geometry
50x30+1870+20 &

I have a dual core and "top" shows that both cores have a 100% load. I
have tow processes running, each taking 50% of the total processing
power (100% of a core each).

`xload` charts load average, not CPU utilisation. Load average is defined differently on different OS'es, but on Linux, `xload` charts the average number of processes either running or waiting for disk I/O over the last second. It gets this information by reading /proc/loadavg.


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