Patch #246 - 2009/8/16
     * remove  obsolete  logic  for saving/restoring wrapping flags, which
       did  not  work  on  64-bit  platform. Wrapping flags (stored in the
       line-index) are now copied with line-data (Debian #541160).
     * modify  comments  in  app-defaults  files  to  avoid problem with C
       preprocessor used by xrdb (Debian #541603). 
     * restore  special  case  in  makeColorPair,  needed  for colorBDMode
       resource (Debian #541089).
     * correct  SetLineFlags()  macro,  broken  in  [250]patch  #244  when
       recoding to avoid gcc-specific bitfields (Debian #541236).
     * modify  initialization  of  screen  buffers to ensure that pointers
       align  to  int-boundaries.  This  fixes  a  problem  introduced  in
       [251]patch #244 where the color- and character-arrays (stored after
       the  video-attributes  in  each row) might be misaligned (report by
       Rajeev V Pillai).
     * add  limit-check  in  ScrnRefresh for handling saved-lines from the
       circular  buffer  which  are  repainted on a screen whose width has
       increased.  To improve performance, circular buffer entries are not
       resized (report by Rajeev V Pillai).
     * correct  type  for  CellColor  (a late change in [252]patch #244 to
       avoid  gcc-specifc  enums  made  that unsigned rather than unsigned
       short, for the 256-color option).
     * fix typo in configure option --enable-16bit-chars (report by Rajeev
       V. Pillai).

Thomas E. Dickey

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