Patch #262 - 2010/8/30

     * fix  a  case  where changing the cursor color via escape sequences
       did not immediately update the screen (report by Andreas Wagner).
     * implement  ANSI and DEC request-mode control sequences. The latter
       includes  the xterm-specific private modes such as the mouse mode.
       The  feature  is  ifdef'd  with the rectangle operations since its
       decoding overlaps that feature.
     * correct  typo in for response of OSC 21 (patch by Kevin
     * improve discussion of mouse tracking in
     * increase  an array limit used in reporting mouse events (report by
       Ryan Johnson).
     * add  extended  mouse-coordinates  mode,  allowing  up to 2015x2015
       windows, using UTF-8 encoding (patch by Ryan Johnson).
     * modify manpage hyphens to conform with [266]Debian.

Thomas E. Dickey

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