Patch #276 - 2011/10/10

     * modify  clipping  limits  for  TrueType  fonts  to  account for the
       scaleHeight resource setting, to work around another problem due to
       recent  FreeType changes. In this case, the DejaVu Sans Mono set to
       pixelsize=13.5  is truncated because the font descent is reduced by
       FreeType to match an incorrect height metric (report by Adam Lee).
     * improve recovery when bitmap fonts are not installed, e.g., so that
       switching font-sizes works for TrueType fonts.
     * modify lookup for XTERM_SHELL feature to allow relative pathnames.
     * modify   abbreviation   disambiguation   check   for   command-line
       parameters to account for -geometry, whose parameter may begin with
       "+" or "-" (report by Scott Bertilson).

Thomas E. Dickey

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