Patch #293 - 2013/05/27

     * modify sample xterm.spec to use newer icon
     * add  configure  option  --with-icon-symlink  to work around systems
       which  map  icon requests for to a single "xterm" icon, but neglect
       to  install  the  icon  needed  for window decorations (report by H
       Merijn Brand).
     * improve parameterizing of sample xterm.spec
     * amend  fix  for  printer  from  patch #280, removing a reset of the
       signal handler for SIGCHLD (report by Joe Julian).
     * set environment variable XTERM_FILTER if a locale-filter is used.
     * enable DEBUG logic when --enable-trace configure option is given.
     * improve description of initialFont, set-vt-font and set-tex-text in
       manpage (Debian #707899).
     * fix  regression from patch #292; selecting a word that ended at the
       right  margin  without  wrapping  would  not  select  the last cell
       (report by Christian Weisgerber).

Thomas E. Dickey <>

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