Patch #307 - 2014/06/17

     * fill  background for top/bottom parts of double-width/double-height
       characters,  to  cover  occasional  gaps due to bitmap font-scaling
       (report by Egmont Koblinger).
     * amend  resets  for keyboard-type, pointer-mode and title-modes from
       xterm  #305  changes  to  account  for  resource  settings  (Debian
     * modify printAttributes feature to include new SGR codes.
     * modify cursor show/hide logic to work with italic fonts.
     * do  clipping  and  filling for a case with bitmap-fonts and italics
       when  the font server returns only a "close" match (report/testcase
       by Egmont Koblinger).
     * adjust loop comparison for underlining to display underlines on 5x8
       font as in patch #304 (Debian #750733).
     * amend fix for Freedesktop #15979 (Debian #750733).
     * amend xterm.appdata.xml, making it validate with current schema.

Thomas E. Dickey <>

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