On 07/11/2018 11:03 AM, Simon Casady wrote:
I don't know enough about ZFS internals to say how resilvers work but have some personal experience relevant to this issue.  Due to a power supply problem I was having drives go offline.  It would come right back when onlined and start to resilver,  By the time I found out what the problem was and fixed it, I had three drives of a raidz2 vdev all resilvering at once.  I thought this was a little much so killed the processes using this pool and waited until the relivers completed before restarting them.  No data loss during resilver or a subsequent scrub.

I've had similar experiences. I've wondered if, rather than aborting and then restarting the resilver when the disk configuration changes, it would make more sense to keep going with the current resilver to the end (updating the newly-added drive as well), leaving a note in the pool to start another resilver/scrub when the current one finishes to catch whatever was missed the first time around.

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